Sebastian Kałuża

Sebastian Kałuża
R&D Director and Transformation Expert, Nevomo
Sebastian Kałuża
R&D Director and Transformation Expert, Nevomo

Sebastian specializes in project management and improvement in organizations. His entire professional life has been associated with rail transport, especially in the area of rail vehicles. He also works as a business trainer. 

She is a graduate of the Silesian University of Technology and the Warsaw School of Economics. 


  • As the R&D Director at Nevomo, he is responsible for managing a portfolio of technological projects and a team of over 30 qualified engineers. In the portfolio of projects, he manages, among others, the project of building an innovative means of transport "MagRail" and diagnostic devices based on artificial intelligence. 

  • As Industrialization Manager at Alstom, he was responsible for implementing and optimizing processes within the company, launching new production facilities and managing maintenance. 

  • As the head of traction vehicle maintenance at PKP "Intercity" S.A. he was responsible for the transformation of Lean Management in Technical Maintenance Workshops throughout Poland and projects for the purchase and implementation of new rolling stock. 

  • As a Project Manager, he has completed projects such as the implementation of the "Pendolino" trains in Poland, the construction and commissioning of the first predictive diagnostic device in Poland "Train Scanner", IoT solutions for the industry based on machine learning algorithms. 

Privately, he is an enthusiast of rail and air transport. He loves to travel, exercise and play the guitar. 


  • 14:00 - 14:30
  • 30 min
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