Robert Trętowski

Robert Trętowski
Vice President of the Management Board of KIR
Robert Trętowski
Vice President of the Management Board of KIR

He is responsible for the area of systems development and the public sector, including For the implementation and development of a remote verification service of my identity, a mobile qualified electronic signature of Mszafir and a durable medium using blockchain technology and the WORM matrix.    

In the years 2011-2016 he was the director of the Department of IT Initiatives and Tests at PKO Bank Polski. He worked on the establishment of the Polish Company Standard Payments and Construction of the BLIK standard. He took part in the work on the implementation of the Family 500+ program and integration of banks with ZUS and with the trusted EPUAP profile. 

In the period 2002-2011 at BRE Bank S.A. He was the director of the Electronic Banking Office. 

He manages the EID working team of the ZBP Electronic Banking Council. He participates in the work on the AML Sector Service Center. He is a member of the expert team of the Council of Ministers for Digitization.    

A graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Warsaw. 


  • 09:55 - 10:45
  • 50 min
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