Przemysław Koch

Przemysław Koch
Board Member, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer, VeloBank
Przemysław Koch
Board Member, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer, VeloBank

He started his professional career at Accenture, a business advisory and consulting company, where he was responsible for the implementation of individual modules of the central banking system at PKO Bank Polski. Then associated with the Belgian KBC Capital Group: Kredyt Bank and insurance companies TUiR Warta and TU NŻ Warta (2006 - 2011). For six years he was the Director of the Transaction Applications Development Department at the largest bank in the country - PKO Bank Polski, where he played a key process of acquisition of Nordea Bank Polska and SKOK Wesoła. He participated in the process of launching innovative solutions by PKO Bank Polski, including: IKO mobile banking, an engine for calculating risk parameters in accordance with the IRB method, a system for handling option transactions, a central solution for handling Cash Management products, the Loro system with ICM functionality, implementation of the new IPKO Dealer autodealing system, as well as a fraud detection and handling system (EFM - Enterprise Fraud Management). 

From 2017, he worked in government administration bodies as a plenipotentiary of the Minister of Finance for computerization, where he supervised the IT organization of the Ministry of Finance consisting of over 1,800 employees. He created and then implemented a digital transformation strategy for the Ministry of Finance. He also successfully restructured endangered initiatives, in particular the e-taxes project, where he led to the conclusion of a pre-court settlement. He was responsible for implementing innovative solutions, i.e. Your e-PIT, e-Tax Office, Poltax+, e-Toll, which facilitated and automated administrative processes. He developed and implemented the BIG DATA concept based on the use of algorithms and supervised the implementation of such projects as: JPK_VAT, STIR, Split Payment, SENT, MDR, Whitelist of VAT Payers, e-Financial Reports, on-line Fiscal Cash Registers, Virtual Fiscal Cash Registers, e- Receipts. In September 2021, he took the position of the director of the Central Information Technology Centre, where he successfully conducted the merger of the NASK and COI development departments. He was responsible for developing a strategy for the digitization of public administration, assuming, among others, implementation of an e-payment platform for the public sector, the Central Register of Powers of Attorney and Authorizations, changing the nature of the mObywatel application or the Central Register of Drivers. 

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, he successfully led the project PomocUkrainie, under which he adapted state registers to assign PESEL numbers, trusted profiles, and launched the Ukrainian-language version of the mObywatel application and dedicated refugee service points at the National Stadium, Tauron Arena, as well as a system for handling humanitarian convoys. 

He is a graduate of the Cybernetics Department of the Military University of Technology and the Collegium of Management and Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics. He also obtained the title of Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA). 


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